Packing : Posting : Progress


Just popping in to let you know that last night we packed up nearly all the pre-orders for 'Homemade'. An army of helpers were on hand to peel and stick and stuff and seal and tick and lug. Thanks to everyone that offered their assistance. And golly gee, a huge good on you to Anna and Sue for edging us ahead to this point. Fantastic. Well done. Of course there are many other people working on this project. Buy the book and you can see who did what. They all deserve a big thank you.

These books will be posted out later this week. Please note that if you ordered multiple books they will arrive packed in individual envelopes (it was the most economical way to mail them!). So keep in mind that they may arrive on consecutive days - even though they will be posted together.

It's such a lovely book. What a wonderful group effort.

In other news : many car loads of handmade and re-stash donations have been delivered via Eltham and Healesville - with another big load going up in a couple of weeks. That will clear the donations we are currently holding - which is wonderful. Donations have all gone straight to the affected communities and straight into the hands of people that needed them. If you sent something, thank you very much, it has been greatly appreciated.

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