HELP for the BLOKES: Knot That I Can Knit


Hi gang,

We've been thinking a bit about the blokes. You know them. I know them. They're usually the ones that keep things to themselves. Silently. And during so much suffering, it would be extra good to let them know we're thinking of them too.

So this brings me to - crafting for the blokes.

We've come up with some categories that you might be interested in helping with. And as ever, we're open to suggestions. This is after all, all about community, we love to hear from you, dear reader!

- Can you knit? Can you knit socks? If yes (or if no but you're willing to learn) then we'd love you to knit some socks for some fellas. Beanies are good too. It's going to be Winter soon. The big chill. Let's make some beanies too.
- Are you crafty with leather? Does nothing warm the cockles of your heart more than picking up your leather tools (do these have a special name?) and belting out a *ahem* belt, or a wallet? Then we'd love you to help.
- And while we have you - what about a gorgeous masculine toiletry/shaving bag/kit? We've been talking about making some feminine versions, but let's not forget the blokes!
- For further down the track - keyrings. Yes, that's right - keyrings. I read somewhere that these are the simple kinds of things that are needed. Maybe not right now, but soon my friends, soon.
- And lastly (for now) does your man-friend have any spare tools they can donate? Your Dad, your brother, your husband, your lover, or you (if you have your own tool box?). We're talking good quality tools, not some crummy cheap hammers that are going to crumble after two bangs. No.. We want the good stuff.

Please let us know if you can knit up some socks. Belt out some belts. You know the drill! (did you get that crafty pun right there??)


Ruby Girl said...

I will ask members of the NSW Knitters Guild Kiama Group today to knit some men's socks and beanies. When done I will drop off at CR&K Daisy Designs Fairy Meadow (they are listed with you). Thanks for a wonderful site and the work you are doing.

Gina E. said...

My MIL has gone into aged care accom. and left behind a houseful of stuff, including a garage full of her late husband's tools that nobody else in the family wants. I wonder if they would be useful to some of the Blokes up there?

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