Tune In...


To Richard Stubbs' show this afternoon from 1pm for a chance to hear Pip. She'll be wired for sound (though we can't confirm whether she'll be wearing roller skates. Let's hope so.) talking to Stubbsy about Handmade Help and the importance of hobbies. And craft. You dig?

Frequency? 774 Melbourne
Time: 1:00pm - 3:00pm


Gemma said...

She's on now!

Anonymous said...

Making a quilt to give someone and now know where to send it . Also have some lovely fabric and sewing notions to go. thanx Stubbsie. Also have some other handmade items so will make up a package soon.

Bloom said...

Thanks for telling us about Pip on the radio. I managed to work out how to listen to her online from Central NSW. It was a really great hour of radio, although I think Richard Stubbs is still a bit bewildered about the passion of crafters & how important it is to us! Well done with the publicity girls. You are doing a fantastic job.

potty mouth mama said...

So glad you were able to tune in! Thanks for your support and lovin'!

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