Go on... you know you want to...


OK, so I'm a sewing-bee evangelist.... BUT PLEASE - If you can make something, make something to help out people who have been left with nothing. If you have friends who can make something, GET TOGETHER and make LOTS of things!!

There are SO MANY people who are looking for some way to channel their grief and compassion for bushfire victims, that if you put the word out in the networks you have (childcare, schools, work, sports or hobby clubs..) you might be surprised at the response you get. I had a little sewing bee on the weekend - expecting a dozen or so people... and at least FIFTY PEOPLE turned up, armed with sewing machines, fabric and donations of things for Rainbow Comfort Packs. It was amazing. Truly amazing. Three large rooms were filled with activity and community spirit.
Gay had a sewing bee, too, and just in sending out the information she garnered loads more support in her area (of NSW) for the cause. People want to help.... LET them.... Create the opportunity for them and they will be more than happy to jump on board.

Think about how much a group of crafters can make in a day, and think about the difference it could make to someone's day....


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