Sorting and Storing...


We spent the morning sorting lots of donations for eventual distribution to those that might need them. We have crafty things - for restashing. And then we have some other things too - handmade toys which are just absolutely gorgeous and super snuggly, a few quilts, some dress-ups and children's clothing and some handmade jewellery.

We've labelled everything - and sent it on to our storage department - and we'll be adding your donations as they come in. We've had some pretty intense discussions about the best ways to distribute - and the timing as well. Here's where we are at at the moment:

Items will be distributed in the short term for those that express a specific need (and we have had quite a few people contact us directly asking for various things) - and
Items will be distributed in the long term (4 to 6 months time) - in consultation with The Red Cross, Rotary, and The Salvation Army.

We will continue to collect handmade items to be distributed appropriately over the coming months. Your donations are important and encouraged.

We would again encourage you to donate to The Red Cross if you can - or if you're not in a position to do that now, put away $1 each day - and donate on June 1st. We must be sure that the rebuilding/resettling and long term care of these important people is ongoing.

Thanks to everyone who is part of this Handmade Help team. Be it the blog authors, those donating funds, those making things, those sending recipes, those helping behind the scenes. Please do contact us if you feel you can help too.

I urge you to keep up to date on the progress of those that are still very deep in the midst of the terrible aftermath of this disaster - and to keep finding ways to help.


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