Sewing Group for Rainbow Comfort Packs


The Multicultural Women's Sewing Group in Brunswick had a sewing bee last weekend and made 20 bags for Rainbow Comfort Packs. They are going to have ongoing handmade help sewing sessions. All are welcome. Details below (thanks Jennifer).

We are more than happy to keep working on bags in our regular sessions, and anyone (female) is welcome to join us - they wouldn't have to bring anything - just drop in, make a bag or two and have a cuppa. 12:30 - 3:00 on Wednesdays and 2:30 - 4:30 Saturdays.

We are located at the Brunswick Baptist Church Hall 491 Sydney rd, Brunswick (end of Blyth st).

In case you want to know a bit about the group, the Multicultural Women's Sewing Group originally started as the Somali women's sewing group about 13 years ago when some Somali refugee women said that sewing classes were a high priority for them. At the moment we have a diverse group of participants, ranging from a tailor from Nepal who had never used an electric machine, but who can sew like anything, to a Somali mother of 8 who takes 3 buses to get there. The group nearly fizzled out in 2007, but we're doing pretty well now (apart from financially - that's another story), and are ready to promote the group more through refugee and asylum seeker services. I guess we try and overcome obstacles like language and literacy barriers, parenting demands, lack of money, and inability to come regularly, and still provide teaching in sewing skills, and a welcoming space where everyone is important.

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jennifer said...

Still sewing bags at our regular times. I think we have made 40 altogether now. They really are a great way to learn to sew!

Laura picked up a lot more of the donated fabrics, some ready-to-go appliques etc from Nicole's this week, so please do come and make bags with us.

Sewing Group will not be on on Saturday 11th April (Easter Saturday)

If you have links with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities, it would be great if you could spread the word that there are sewing groups like ours. It is hard to find out if you don't read or speak much English.

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