How We Can Help Your Affected Community.


Handmade Help are committed to the long term wellbeing of those affected by last weekend's fires. We have a number of projects in place already - with many more offers of assistance each day. We are also encouraging people to put away $1 a day to donate to the Bushfire Appeal on June 1st - to ensure that there is enough long term funding to rebuild or rehouse those affected.

Ways we can help affected people and communities:

Re-Stash A Crafter - co-ordinating the distribution of craft supplies to those that need them most. This program aims to re-stash crafters who may have lost all their supplies - or to get craft pack to those who are seeking distraction whilst in the relief centres. We can get these out really quickly to a central location if we know numbers, requirements and exactly where to go.
If you need craft supplies, or know someone that does, contact Suzie at soozs(dot)com(at)gmail(dot)com or telephone Pip on 03-9416 3724
Download a flier to post on a noticeboard in an affected area here - it will ensure we can try and meet all crafty needs - direct into the community.

Handmade Donation Drive - we are gathering handmade items from hundreds of crafters worldwide. These items will be distributed directly into the affected communities in a few months time. Items will include handmade toys, quilts, homewares, clothing, accessories and other made-with-love things. We'll be consulting directly with those in the affected areas to determine the best time and place for distribution. Current plans are to literally drive a truck up to a central location which we'll publicize through community channels. Recipients will be able to choose the things they most need or like. If you have information which will help us distribute these things wisely please email meetmeatmikes(at)gmail(dot)com or telephone Pip on 03-9416 3724. Please let us know if you have a particular pressing need and we'll do our best to fill it.

Handmade Horticulture - a team of enthusiasts is gathering relevant seedlings and information for the regeneration and replanting of these areas. More info soon. For immediate advice TO us or enquiries please email nanette(at)eliosha(dot)com

Homemade - The Handmade Help Cookbook - a worldwide fundraising recipe drive. The recipe book will be distributed free as a hard copy to those in affected areas - and also will be downloadable for a fee (all funds raised will go to The Red Cross). If you have any enquiries or suggestions re this (and other food/cooking related things we should be donating) email Gilly at handmaderecipes(at)gmail(dot)com

Handmade Help Craft Sales - a series of online sales and auctions with part or all of the funds raised going to The Red Cross. All goods have been donated by crafters from all over the world. Sales and donations administrated by each individual crafter. For suggestions, advice TO us or information email Cindy at bdesign_cc(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)au

If you have ANY insight or advice on things we can do to help. Things people need. Particular people (or even just ONE person!) in need. Places we should drive to TOMORROW to drop things off... ANYTHING AT ALL - then email us! meetmeatmikes(at)gmail(dot)com or any of the above email addresses!

Or telephone 03-94163724 (leave a message)

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I need about 100 folding chairs for free.For a nonprofit. call (917)331-5277

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