Cookbook Report


Hi everyone,

just a quick update on the cookbook progress.

Thank you so very much for all your recipes - they are fantastic! We do however have a glut of some types of recipes and a shortage of others.

We DON'T NEED anymore baking or pudding recipes! Thank you so much everyone.

We DO NEED savoury slices, main meals, vegetables, vegetarian, soups, breads, starters and dips. basically anything except baking! We all bake in a crisis - I know I do!!

So if you can contribute that would be fabulous. We are going to close the collection date for these as of this coming Sunday 22nd February.

Then its into edit stage.

Thanks for everyone's hard work and contribution - get me those recipes if you have anymore to donate at handmaderecipes@gmail.com by Sunday night.


xx Gilly


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