Homemade - The Handmade Help Recipe Book


Did your Nan make a ripper sponge, do you make an excellent chicken soup, have you a scone recipe that's been passed on through generations, are you known for you potato salad recipe at BBQs. You are...then get that recipe to me quick smart.

Handmade Help is compiling a fundraising recipe book -
Homemade – The Handmade Help Cookbook. All proceeds from 'Homemade' will go to the Victorian Bushfire Appeal via the Red Cross. 'Homemade' will be available as a PDF, downloadable upon purchase. We'll let you know where to buy it as soon as it's completed.

In news just to hand, Loobylu's Claire will design the cover, which is rad! We're also seeking other artwork to make this super special and fun to read/look at. We're not limiting this to artists and designers - get your kids wrangling the textas too!

We will be seeking a print sponsor (if you know anyone go hit them up!) as we will be printing hard copies to distribute to those that lost their homes in the fires.

Submissions of recipes and artwork are encouraged from any Handmade Help readers - this is a GLOBAL community project. Lisa, Gilly, Pip and the team will assist with editing - in case we get more then we can actually include in the book. We'll be doing our best to include everyone's work, however, so PLEASE contribute!

So to sum up:
Send your recipes in a word document to the email below - with your link or name below the recipe title
Let us know a little bit about why you chose that recipe
Send us your artwork (or your kid's artwork) - the theme for artwork is : 'Eating Together'
Email contact is : handmaderecipes@gmail.com - Gilly and Lisa are co-ordinating this part of Handmade Help. Any other suggestions or input are welcome!
Let us know if you would like to help with formatting the recipes - we need people who have access to Microsoft Publisher - they can liaise with Gilly and Lisa.

Go..now..off you go...

Posted by Pip on behalf of Gilly and Lisa!


kuya said...

can i share in my blog about cookbook

Fat Mumma said...

What's the deadline?

dan said...

The same question.


FruteJuce said...

Sounds exciting! I would like to submit some recipes.

meet me at mikes said...

Hi guys - unfortunately the deadline passed a couple of weeks ago - but keep your eye on the website and we'll let you know when you can purchase the book and aid our ongoing efforts to help those affected by the fires.

Anonymous said...

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Thanks for sharing that. It was fun reading it. :-)

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