Please Start Making For the LONG TERM!


You guys are great. Yes you are. Keep up your excellent making and fundraising. BUT:

We need to be making beautiful things to donate directly to these families too. Lots of nice things are needed. Get sewing. Get printing. Get stitching. Get hammering.

We need:

Handmade quilts and bed linens
Knitted and crocheted blankets
Handmade table-cloths and napkins
Home-made Curtains
Handmade Jewellery and Accessories
Knitted and crocheted winter clothing
Hot Water Bottles with Covers
Handmade Undies
Handmade Cushions
Handmade Toys
Handmade Stationery
Handmade Kitchen Linens
Handmade Clothing
You get the idea....?!

Anything lovely that you make (or someone you know could make) would be a perfect donation for a family or person who has lost everything. We want these people to know that we were thinking of them - and making plans for their comfort and happiness - in the long term.

Keep donating money, of course - but let's make a plan to get some special new things into the homes of those that are rebuilding or resettling.



Margaret said...

I've started gathering bits of material from relatives with the view to making a few quilts for single beds (for the kids) ... I know that Victorian Textiles handed out $12,000 worth of quilting wadding (30 metre rolls) to some of their trade customers for handmade stuff - did anyone manage to get a roll? I tried, but missed out. I am happy to buy the wadding as my contribution, but it would be good to be helped out with materials!

Ember said...

Great to hear. , fine art to! Paintings etc. are so nice to give.
Also alot of these people are art makers aswell, so maybe art materials to!
Are craft victoria involved?
what about ceramics, you know vessels etc.? Felted and silk scarves, wall hangings etc.
speaking from direct experience, those who hav received hand made items so far are REALLY apreciative.

magikquilter said...

Am making blankets, quilts, and knitting blankets too...and scarves

magikquilter said...

just added this link to my main flickr group


Nicola said...

Hi all, Ive started making stuff to post down. Is there a drop off point for central Sydney? Have you had much interest from Sydneysiders? I hope so! Ive started a post on my blog with pics - have a look?http://myhandmadeheart.blogspot.com/

susan said...

Thank you. I was making toys for new babies in my life when I saw the fires and thought it would be wonderful to make them to send down. I will start knitting.

Anne Lawson said...

Thanks for all of this. I have been feeling rather helpless about the fires, and now know that I can use my passion for making to help out. I like the idea of thinking in the medium to long term, as well as getting others around me to help out too. Keep up the great work everyone!

shelley davis- little sparrow natural toys & handwork supplies said...

Knit a Square and make a Blanket.
Little Sparrow is knitting like crazy and asking for any donations of knitted squares (20cm square 8ply/4.5mm needles approx 45 stitches) to be then made up into blankets for all those who has lost their favourite blankie!
Please drop your squares off tho Little Sparrow shop2/101 Orrong Crescent, North Caulfield

Anonymous said...

I am oh so glad I caught news of you on 774 on Wednesday. What a special way of giving from the community of " I made it myselfers". Thankyou.
I will share this site with my like minded friends.Genielle.

Anonymous said...

hi all of you the handy and clever ladies, and all so generous, I will join you inmaking some patchwork quilt and few other small stuff, maybe some knitted squares, it is great to see the response.As I live in Tassie, it will possibly take time to get there, but it will.unless there is some drop off point here. let me know if anybody knows Jackie

Joanna said...

I make Jewellery so as soon as i can i'll get some more pieces done and send them in.

Anonymous said...

My Group of Quilters are alway looking rfor a cause to support - this one is right up our alley - I hope we can be of some help - there are 12 of us and we knit crochet sew and quilt.

Gina E. said...

I am a member of an online site called Stitchin Fingers, and one of the Groups within the website make fabric postcards. I've asked the members if they would make a postcard that can be distributed among craft minded people in the bushfire areas, and I've been inundated by offers from around the world. One lady in England has all her young students making fabric postcards, and would like them to go to a group of school children. I was thinking of taking them up to Kinglake myself, but someone here might know of a school in another area where the kids would like a little cheer-up pressie from overseas.
I can be emailed at gandkwil@hotmail.com

Leisa said...

Through our local scrapbooking shop we have made 200 cards (not written on) to be handed out to families so they may write in and pass on to others to say "Thanks" or "Happy Birthday" etc - are these something I can send to you?

Pip Lincolne said...

Gina - I've emailed you - it's best to email the handmade help email if you have a way to help - it takes a while to sift through the comments on older posts - email will come straight through.

Thank you.

Gina E. said...

Thanks Pip - all done now! POstcards going to Strathewen PS on Monday, and Kinglake later on.

clarejulia said...

hi, i've only just come across this site and would like to help. are crocheted blankets still required?? we'd like to send some if they are!

Right Concept Ideas said...

Hi1 I'd like to join the group, and help, as well! I make handmade paperdesgins/greeting cards, with silk/satin ribbons, emebelishments (felt flowers, buttons, etc) and I sell them online.... How do I join the network and be able to offer part of the profit to help others (i.e. the Red Cross)? Thank you in advance, Raquel


Anonymous said...

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Dr. Neha Gupta said...

That is great to hear, thank you for reading!

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