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We need a couple of green-thumbed smart people to take the reins on Handmade Horticulture. We think new plants mark new beginnings - and will be greatly needed.

Please let us know via email if you are a confident, experienced gardener with a knowledge of the types of plants suitable for the affected area and other such green things. You should be an experienced blogger too.

This project will run within the Handmade Help main blog - but may need an offsite blog of it's own.

We will appoint you helpers as required. This is a long term commitment - the project will run for 6 months at least.

Thank you.


Nanette said...

Oh! Pick me, pick me, pick me!!

paula said...

hey pip
i'll be a helper, i have time, a bit of plant expertise and enthusiasm. no blog though. happy to be a drop off point, or keep a database of plants or collect pots, or ask nurseries for donations, or liaise with plant/garden clubs affected by fires to see what they'd like us to grow, etc etc. just give me a yell if i can help

Leonie said...

Hi, I can help grow stuff, will encourage the kids to water it. I am also reasonably close to the fires that the weather should be similar enough for the stuff to grow. Can't offer too much in the way of advice as my knowledge of natives is distinctly lacking.

Anonymous said...

Will be delighted to help. Have a green thumb.

Anonymous said...

Me again anonymous. Don't have a blog not know how to use but at bizzylizzy1@optusnet.com.au

kymbooly said...

hey pip, I have about 6 years nursery experience, particularly with native and/or drought tolerant plants qnd would be happy to help get some seedlings growing to plant out (autumn and spring are the best times to plant, especially in mountainous areas where frosts are common in winter!!).

PS: i'm so excited that you've set up this web site! family friends of mine lost their homes recently, so a few of my mates and i have set about crafty projects to try and help out a little.

PPS: Paula (above) really great thinking about the plant data base too!

Anonymous said...

I brought up my idea of giving vouchures for plants, at the Victorian Iris Society AGM on Tuesday night. Some very enthusiastic members, so we decided we would do it as a club, and each commit to a number of boxes from our gardens. A limited number of vouchures handed out to bushfire victims who lost their gardens, would allow them to claim their plants up until the end of 2010. They would have my address on them, and I will sort out who does the plant send out. What do you think? (Pip I sent you a private e-mail)

Kinglake resident said...

Just a thought...I am from Kinglake and talking about plants to some of my fellow Lakers at the relief centre when I have been helping out. There are a lot of us still living up there at the moment- in caravans, tents or sheds- and one of the things people are missing is obviously a bit of variety in colour from the grey, black and brown we see everywhere. The green is starting to poke through already helped on by the recent rain. But for some of us, to have our plants to care for and watch grow and thrive is a part of life. Having a simple thing like plants, I think, is another step towards the healing of ourselves as well as the land. It is a great service that you are helping out from this perspective. Please be careful which plants you send up- with the land the way it is. Any sort of weedy or voracious plant will take off as there is no competition. Natives, obviously- but more specifically indigenous natives should be recommended firstly. I know that people will want to revive also, their private flower gardens and other species. And vegetable gardens and edible plants also have been destroyed (although we managed to salvage some potatoes!) Perhaps working with the local landcare group could be a good option. The idea suggested for vouchers offered and a long term expiry is a good one. Re-establishing the gardens around houses once they are built will also be required- as in the case of my parents. But they will have to wait for maybe over a year before they can start this.
I sincerely thank all of you wonderful people for your efforts. You may not get many direct thank-you's from us in these affected areas, but please know that you are making a difference and you really are amazing.

Polka Dot Rabbit said...

I've started growing Hydrangea cuttings. They should be lovely by Christmas for gardens.

Anonymous said...

How about saving our rose cuttings and striking them? Geraniums are bright and cheery and easy to grow too, would people like them?

Juddie said...


Love the symbolism of renewal and rebirth etc. Plants and gardens are SO important!

I can certainly grow some cuttings/seedlings etc and donate a range of plants. I have some horticultural expertise but not a huge amount of space or time at the moment, so would not be able to commit to co-ordinating a large project.

Very happy to share some plants and skills though :-)

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