Homemade - The Handmade Recipe Book


Wow people I am so impressed with your recipes. They have been pouring in - even as I am reading them in my inbox, more come in.

Thank you for passing on these wonderful collections of recipes - I just know this book is going to be amazing.

But dont rest on your laurels just yet. This is what we need:

Main Meals - meats recipes, pasta dishes you name it we need it
Salads and BBQ favs - there have got to be some BBQ staples out there!
Soups - winter is approaching fast and nothing is more tummy friendly and budget conscious than a bowl of soup.
Condiments - chutney, jam, sauces, stocks...
Vegan and Vegetarian - I dont have one single chick pea recipe yet!
Kid Friendly - either easy for kids to make or easy for them to eat.
Pet Food - do you make your own dog biscuits? Then share the recipe...

I know I have alot of recipe books and can almost instantly put my hand on a recipe for something when I want it. Those affected by the fires may not. All those handy little recipes... we need them in this book.

So get to it - put out a call to everyone in your email address book, put a flyer up at work...we want your recipes...please!


Steph said...

you don't need cake recipes and such, too? I'm a better baker than main meal cook

Anonymous said...

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