Four Corners


For those of you that cannot cope with any more tabloid newspapers or sensationalist reports - apparently this Four Corners program is a really accurate account of what happened with the fire storms - minus all the drivel.

I haven't watched it yet. But I will. I think we HAVE to understand what happened and what people had to endure - and the ABC sounds like the best people for the job.

Thanks Fran for letting us know!


Kelly said...

This was a great show, it really helped me understand how this could happen and why people perished. I would highly recommend that everyone watch it, but have tissues at the ready because it is upsetting to hear people talk about their first hand experience with this tragedy. A list of the dead and missing is included at the end of the program too, and that will make you well up if you haven't been crying already.

Silly Kitty :) said...

I watched the show on Monday night too and thought that it was very honest & informative.

sooz said...

Yeah, I watched and thought it was good too. One of the few things I've seen which starts to deal with why people stayed and thought they could defend their homes.

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