Recipe Update


Yesterday recipe donations closed and I went through and sorted them today - there are a whopping 250 odd to edit and put into the book.

Thank you so much for everyone that contributed. Some that I thought to mention to you included recipes from Ontario, Canada and Rhode Island in the States. We also had a contingent from New Zealand donate. I also was touched to receive a recipe from a gentleman who lost his house in the fires and thought the recipe book was a wonderful way to contribute to rebuilding his own community. Amazing hey!

Amongst all the recipes were tonnes of offers to help edit and get the book up and running. Again thank you for your contributions and offers. It really makes this project a community one.

So now the recipes have gone to Anna and Bev for editing. We have had an absolutely awesome submission for the cover from Claire at Loobylu - so thanks heaps Claire.

And most importantly snaps to Pip for being the constant contact through the process so far :)

So now to editing ...more reports soon

xx Gilly


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