Craft Relief Update


Hi all,

The donation emails just keep rolling in. Thanks so much for all of your support. I am looking forward to receiving everything shortly so we can get more products up on the site.

I have decided that we should also be supporting the poor Victorian families who have been affect by floods also. If anyone would like to donate goods with the money going to the Red Cross Victorian Floods Appeal then please email craftrelief@gmail.com to find out how.

I've had a few requests for Craft Relief badge codes as well. I have the badge made up but am unsure how to actually get some coding happening! I am a bit hopeless with this so if anyone has any tips let me know!


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Craft Relief Update


Just a quick one! We are up to $272.90 in donations which is great. We've just added some beautiful jewellery by Mon Alisa Design, some more felties by Elizabeth Aspden and an awesome Aunty Cookie goods pack. There are new items being posted almost daily with donations rolling in every day and lovely people emailing everyday for details on how to donate. Its just wonderful to see how everyone is getting together to help out.

We also have a Craft Relief Facebook page which we will update with new products and the donation tally. Just search for Craft Relief in Facebook and we should pop up first!


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Update on crafty ways to support Queensland


The big clean up after the devastating floods in Queensland is now taking place and our thoughts go out to those folk in Victoria that are on flood watch.  While this happens, lovely people around Australia (and around the world via blogging) are using their crafty skills to help.

Here is a little list of some further bloggy projects that we have come across.

We are sure that there are plenty more wonderful people out there helping - so please leave a comment if you know of any other projects that should be shared.

Take care all, Ames and Tash xo

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Craft Relief Up & Running


The Craft Relief online store is up and running with its first donations ready for sale. It has been up for less than 24 hours and we've already had several sales which is amazing. There are still a couple of pages of information to be posted but its pretty much ready to go. The wonderful Michaela Stone did the design of the site, including the spiffy logo and banner so a big thanks to her for this. We've had some donations from the very friendly Ink & Spindle girls, a beautiful cushion from One Flew Over (which is already sold!!), some adorable prints and cards from Jennifer Kate, some custom made pet brooches from Sarah Clarke and a lot of other handmade goodies.

I've had a lot of emails with donations pledged so they should be on the way this week and next but we want more! Promotion of the site is underway and we are hoping for a lot more traffic in the next few weeks. If you have anything you would like to donate then please email craftrelief@gmail.com. If you know someone who might like to purchase a handmade or independant item for a good cause then please forward on the link www.craftrelief.bigcartel.com.

OH, and we've already raised over $150 so far which is split between the Premiers QLD Flood Relief Appeal and the RSPCA's QLD Flood Appeal.

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Craft for Queenslanders


There are an amazing group of people who have initiated a range of efforts to support those affected by the devastating floods in Queensland. Many of these can be found on the recent posts and links in this blog and include giveaways, auctions and the sale of items online to raise funds for flood relief. We feel touched by these displays of generosity and we are sure that many of you do too.

We live in Melbourne now but grew up in Queensland and we would like to do something to help raise funds to donate to flood relief as well. We thought that organising a collection of donated craft items to sell at a one-off craft market would compliment the fantastic collections already taking place. What do you think?

A craft market would be a terrific way to help those in Queensland as well as providing an opportunity for the craft community in Melbourne and regional Victoria to come together. It is an idea that would need the help and support of many other people. Of course, there are a number of things to do - such as collecting the crafty things, finding somewhere to hold the market and getting the word out there!

Are there any like-minded people in Melbourne that would like to assist us in organising this? Your help would be appreciated!!

If you are interested please email us at the address below:

letigrepapillon at gmail dot com

We hope to hear from people who want to help and best wishes to you all - especially if you have been affected by the floods.

Ames and Tash xo

UPDATE Monday 17/1/2011: Australia's spirit is inspiring. There are so many people out there doing wonderful things to help those that have been touched by the Queensland floods. We have had some response from crafters offering to donate their items for a market stall. However, it seems that everyone is busy and we have not heard much in terms of organising a market. Therefore, we have decided that we will not be organising one. Instead, we will be participating with existing fundraising efforts.

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More Information on Donating


I've had a couple of emails asking for more information on how and what to donate to the Craft Relief Shop which is ready to be stocked any time now!

What we want:

- handmade items including but not limited too: knitted items, stitched items, collages, jewellery, softies, cushions, embroideries, clothing and accessories, bags, purses, upcycled items, quilts etc etc
- artworks, sketches or prints of original work
- zines and other paper related items

If you have something already on hand that you have made or have time to whip something up in the next few days or so, we would really appreciate it. All you have to do then is:

1. Email craftrelief@gmail.com for the address to post the item to
2. Post the item with the following details:

  • what the item is made of
  • the selling price
  • a short description
  • which charity you would prefer the money donated to
  • your name, email and link to your website (if you have one!)
Once we receive the item, it will be photographed and posted up on the shop. We'll keep you updated along the way. If you already have photographs of the item, you can email them to craftrelief@gmail.com to speed up the process of posting items.

If you still want to help out but don't have anything to donate, forward this information onto potential crafters or buyers.

We have about 10 confirmed donations so far but we want more! Lots more!

Please comment or email if you have any questions.


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Craft Relief


Craft Relief has been founded to help raise money to be donated to two of the main QLD Flood Appeals - The QLD Flood Appeal and the RSPCA QLD Flood Appeal. The floods have devastated so many Australians and animals and it seems to be getting worse before it gets better.

What I am asking from you all is a donation. But don't open your wallet. I am asking for your time and your skill. It would be great if you could donate a handmade item to the Craft Relief Online Store that has just been created to be sold with proceeds going to the two appeals mentioned earlier. You can donate anything, as long as its handmade. Softies, purses, bags, quilts, photos, drawings, prints and more are all welcome.

100% of the sale of each item will be donated (excluding the postage fee). Donations will be made as each item is sold.

It would be great if everyone could spread the word about this little project. Whether it be to potential crafters and artists or to potential buyers.


1. Please post your items to Craft Relief HQ which is located in Sydney. I will email you the address details if your interested.
2. Please include details of:

  • what the item is made of
  • the selling price
  • a short description
  • which charity you would prefer the money donated to
  • your name, email and link to your website (if you have one!)
3. Items will be photographed and posted on the site asap.
4. When your item sells, I will email you the great news!

If you would like to be involved, please email Therese at craftrelief@gmail.com. If you have any questions or queries, please email me about those too.

I will get the ball rolling shortly by posting an item or two. I hope you all have a bit of time to help out!



AMMENDMENT - Due to restrictions on Made It's seller trading terms I can't upload other peoples handmade items onto the shop. I have created a Big Cartel store which you can find here:


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:: Queensland Floods : Ways For Crafters To Help


The devastating floods in Queensland are happening as I write. Please donate to the Flood Appeal here.

People have died and many more are missing.  The predictions are that things are going to get worse in Brisbane and Ipswich today.   More information here.

A few people have emailed me about beginning some sort of crafty relief effort via this site.  You might remember that this was the portal for lots of different projects to benefit the victims of the Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria.

Please send me an email if you have ideas about how the craft community can work together on this : raising money or awareness, gathering donations (monetary or otherwise) or making things that may be useful to people once things dry out and are a bit clearer.

My email is meetmeatmikes at gmail dot com.

Edit :: The Handmade Help Facebook Group is here

xx Pip

Donate to Queensland Flood Appeal
Red Cross National Emergency Registration and Inquiries
Volunteer : help with the RECOVERY EFFORT
Donate to the RSPCA QLD 

LOST AND FOUND Animals : Message Board here

Other ways to help : via the ABC 
Donate items for hampers : look here
Donate to help flood-stricken pets : see here

What's happening via bloggers' efforts now ::
Make It Perfect is co-ordinating auctions to benefit those affected by the Queensland floods.  Here.
Handmade Kids and Rudy and the Dodo are holding an auction to benefit those affected.  Here.
BrisStyle are about to launch their Flood Relief Appeal campaign : check in over here
That Vintage : auctioning items on Facebook. Here
Donate and you can go in the draw for this painting
100% of all print sales TODAY (12th January) will go to the Flood Relief Effort : via Dawn Tan
You can attend Coffee Relief : in Melbourne : via 65 Degrees and The Windsor Deli
Silent Auction : lots of beautiful work by Australian artists : Here
ALL proceeds of Sophie Isobel Designs will be donated to the Flood Relief Appeal
Airdrie of Joolz Jewellery has listed lots of items here : all proceeds to the Flood Relief Appeal
This Friday $1 from every coffee sold at Windsor Deli will go to the Flood Relief Appeal.
$2 from every sale in January will go to the Flood Relief Appeal : at Materialist
Kitty Robot is auctioning items with 100% of profits going to the RSPCA QLD
Jan Mac is calling for donations of quilt blocks and quilts : she is so great, why don't you help out?
Yardage Design : donate to the Flood Relief Appeal and you might win some fabric : here
Jodie from RicRac is hosting a giveaway : cute cute cute softies to be won if you donate to the Flood Relief Appeal.  Check over here
Lili Piri is auctioning a really beautiful print here to benefit those affected by the floods.
Craft Relief has just been founded : they are seeking donations to auction.  All funds raised will go to the Flood Relief Appeal.

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