More Information on Donating


I've had a couple of emails asking for more information on how and what to donate to the Craft Relief Shop which is ready to be stocked any time now!

What we want:

- handmade items including but not limited too: knitted items, stitched items, collages, jewellery, softies, cushions, embroideries, clothing and accessories, bags, purses, upcycled items, quilts etc etc
- artworks, sketches or prints of original work
- zines and other paper related items

If you have something already on hand that you have made or have time to whip something up in the next few days or so, we would really appreciate it. All you have to do then is:

1. Email craftrelief@gmail.com for the address to post the item to
2. Post the item with the following details:

  • what the item is made of
  • the selling price
  • a short description
  • which charity you would prefer the money donated to
  • your name, email and link to your website (if you have one!)
Once we receive the item, it will be photographed and posted up on the shop. We'll keep you updated along the way. If you already have photographs of the item, you can email them to craftrelief@gmail.com to speed up the process of posting items.

If you still want to help out but don't have anything to donate, forward this information onto potential crafters or buyers.

We have about 10 confirmed donations so far but we want more! Lots more!

Please comment or email if you have any questions.



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