Cookbook Update - And A Special Announcement!


Well we are most definitely down to the short and curly end of the cookbook. Some amazing people have been donating long and hard hours to the cause. Anna, Bev and Isla have been motoring through the collation and proof reading of all the wonderful recipes donated by you. Thank you ladies.

One very very special announcement we have is that we have a printer! McPhersons Printing Company - who can be found at www.mcphersonsprinting.com.au - have kindly offered to print a small run of cookbooks that we can then sell and hand on to those affected by the fires so they can rebuild their cookbook library's. We want to extend our greatest thanks to McPhersons Printing for this generous offer and are super happy that corporate Australia is coming on board.

So never fear - your recipes are being well cared for and once they have been primped and preened will be appearing very soon on a book shelf or website near you!
xx Gilly


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