help needed to restash an artist


Adele is an artist and art teacher who lost everything in the Callignee fires. She escaped from her burning home on foot and took refuge at a neighbour's where she helped save that home from destruction too.

Adele has replaced some of her craft materials because she needs them for teaching and entertaining her grandkids, but she feels she can't really spare the money for her own art. She is an oil painter and had an extensive collection of Art Spectrum oils, acrylics, easels, canvas boards etc. Some of her brushes were more than 30 years old.

I'd really like to help her get painting again - wouldn't you?

We don't have anything in the re-stash store to help Adele so we're asking for your help. You can either donate specialist supplies directly to Adele (PO Box 1619 Traralgon, 3844), or even better give us a cash donation so we can put the hard word on the art supply shop and get her a great deal. If you are able to donate even a few dollars she would really appreciate it. Just click on the button below to donate any amount you can to Adele's Art supplies.


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