Kids Art And Craft Supplies Needed!


We urgently need Art and Craft supplies for a Home Schooling family who lost their home in St Andrews on Black Saturday. Perhaps you might be able to help?

Do you have any of the following items you can spare? Please send them to Mike's clearly marked 'HOME SCHOOLING FAMILY' and we will pass them on to the family's case worker. Please be sure they are marked clearly, otherwise they will go int a pile of things to be sorted and their delivery will be delayed.

  • Acrylic Paint (2L bottles were lost - but any size appreciated) - various colours, particularly primary colours
  • Artist brushes, various thickness
  • tubes of artists paint (particularly red, blue, yellow)
  • printing materials (such as rubber stamps, ink pads, ink rollers, stencils)
  • scrap materials (eg upolstery samples, or other samples, fabric remnants)
  • felt
  • wool
  • beads (wooden, chunky)
  • beads (small, jewelery style)
  • oragami paper
  • plaster
  • candle/paper/card making kits
  • specialised drawing kits
  • cut out stampers
  • sticker books
  • derwent pencils (or similar good drawing pencils)
  • art books
  • hole punch
  • glitters of various colours
  • collage materials
  • glues (craft glue / glue stick)
  • blue tac
  • highlighters
  • sticky tape
  • staples/stapler
  • puppet kit
  • coloured paper (eg small glossy coloured squares, kinder squares, craft papers, drawing paper)
  • weaving loom
  • spindles of wools/cotton
  • paint pots (kinder style) / paint stand

Thank you!

Handmade Help
C/- Meet Me at Mike's
63 Brunswick Street
Fitzroy 3065 Australia


Nikki said...

Could this be a call for comfort packs? I know a lot of the donations fit those descriptions...?

Amber said...

Is this list current? I actually don't even own half of the stuff on there, but would love to. ;) I do have some puppet sets...they're paper and have sticker features (eyes, nose...). I can take a pic and send you if you think it is something the kids would like for their craft stash. Let me know...here is my e-mail. dawdler101(at)gmail(dot)com

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