Lots of bags!


A load of beautifully-made fabric bags arrived from Queensland (organised by Dewdrop Inn in Hervey Bay), and are on their way to Monica to fill with goodies for comfort packs.

The next drop-off point is likely to be in the Bendigo area. There are 50 homeless families there and the aid agencies have contacted Monica.

So far we have lots of bags, but there is a need for COMFORT toys to put inside. Soft handmade (or new factory-made) cuddly things to appeal to any age from toddler to tween. If you can help, please contact Monica or one of the drop off points listed on her blog (including me).


Monica @ bpab said...

Thanks Nikki.
These bags look great! We are almost up to 500 now!

Gypsy Queen said...

Hello.. I want to make sure I am understanding correctly.. We are actually having a huge town wide flea market on Sat... But I have TONS of Webkinz.. barely touched... I would rather donate than sell for a mere .50 cents..... could this be of any help?

kanishk said...

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katty said...

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