packed to the rafters


Thank you everyone who has donated to the restash a crafter effort! Your generosity has filled out every possible storage nook and cranny we can find and has us sorting into the wee hours. You are all amazing!!

At this stage we have as much stuff as we can deal with so I'd like to ask you all to hold off on sending more stuff in. Keep an eye on the blog, as we'll post here from time to time when we have a specific need we can't meet, and if supplies run low we'll let you know.

The best way to help now is let us know if you know of anyone or a group from a fire affected area who might need our help on the restash front, we have so many great things to get people crafting with and we really want to see it get out there.

Thanks again.

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Jessi said...

how about any excess "stuff" could go to the schools that are starting over again??

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