Donation Update!


Hello lovely people!

Just wanted to pop in and say firstly.... THANK YOU! Oh my gosh! We have had HUNDREDS of donations over the last couple of weeks - to both Re-Stash a Crafter and the Handmade Help Handmade Donation Drive too! The donations are currently residing at Mike's (in our second change room) - under our stairs - and in the storage area of another Handmade Helper's home. We are overflowing - but in a very good way! We definitely want you to keep donating, too!

We are now liaising with the Neighbourhood House Association about getting donations into Neighbourhood Houses in the affected areas (as well as the surrounding, resource-depleted areas too). Word is that these community facilities are up and running again, and there is plenty of demand for things like Craft Supplies and other Children's Items. I'll let you know as soon as we have a firm plan - so you know where the Handmade Help things are going.

We packed over 100 kits at our Brown Owls Crafty Club meeting on Tuesday. These contain lots of the craft supplies which have been donated - balls of yarn, knitting needles, embroidery kits, cross-stitch kits, crochet hooks, that sort of thing. We've packed them into logical, project based bundles - and they are destined for project-less crafters in the areas affected. There are still more to unpack and sort - and I think it's important to keep in mind that these things will be needed and much appreciated in the long term too.

We have received toys and children's clothing, some handmade jewellery and some quilts too. It's been very humbling to see how much people want to help. Thanks to all of you, from all of us. Please DO keep your donations coming! We'll be storing them carefully, whilst ensuring that any immediate needs in these communities are met too.

Further updates as they come to hand. Please consider donating to The Red Cross, if you can afford it. Or start saving up $1 a day to donate on June 1st - this is a long term effort, and we need to help in little ways each day.

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JuliaRose said...

I would love to help, I am making some fabric needle cases/sewing kits as well as having lots of fabrics/trims/crafters stash...who do I tell and where can I donate them?...
I live in Blackburn North and am partially disabled so don't know how I can get them to the right people?.....
I have a blog you can reach me thru...http://verdigrisrose.blogspot.com

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