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Re-stash has received a specific request and we need your help!

Catherine is a crafter and artist who lived in Kinglake with her partner and their home of many years was completely destroyed. Catherine previously lived in the Adelaide Hills and experienced the Ash Wednesday Bushfires there as well.

Within their immediate neighborhood there were many lives lost and although Catherine has lost everything she is very conscious of the fact that as survivors they were the lucky ones. Catherine was one of the group who fled from the fire and congregated at a Pheasant Creek store where they believed they were safe. Thankfully a police patrol car that was present received information just in time that they needed to evacuate the area which saved the lives of all the people gathered there.

Catherine loves the area dearly and intends to rebuild. At this stage that will be at least a year away as they need to start from scratch. One of Catherine's greatest sorrows is that she is an artist who has lost so many of the significant things she has created .

Catherine also makes her own clothes and while she has gained access to a sewing machine, she doesn't have fabric. Anyone who could find something in their stash that would be suitable for making clothes and could pass on to Catherine, she would be very grateful. Her favourite colours are greens, blues and burgundy and she likes interesting and unconventional fabrics (though she generally avoids stretchy and lightweight synthetics). She is particularly keen to sew some new nightdresses, so some lightweight cottons or lawns would be fantastic.

One of Catherine's favoured media for her art is sculpting in leather. Anyone who has pieces, even scraps, of leather they would also be gratefully received.

Fabric and leather for Catherine can be sent to:

Berry Street
Attention Ruth.
1 Salisbury Street
Richmond 3121

Alternatively pick up can be organised from a small number of central locations - email me (soozs[dot]com[at]gmail[dot]com) if you want to organise something.

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hi... i will go through my fabrics....have some linens and lawns which breathe nicely

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