Help This Lovely Artist Now!


Handmade Help received a call this morning from a wonderful lady who lost her Humevale home in the fires. She's now in rented accommodation not far from her previous home of 35 years. She is a painter and she has lost all of her art supplies, amongst countless other treasures. She painted on both canvas and china, exhibited regularly - and had been painting for most of her adult life.

We have coaxed out of her a list of things she is in need of: some canvas boards, some pastels (preferably Rembrandt), some oil paints (preferably AS type) and a dozen or so brushes. She is very, very keen to start painting again. We can help with that, right?

We're asking for a small donation - and then we're off to the Art Supply Store to haggle a very excellent deal. We'll be taking her things up to her later in the week - so time is of the essence. Use the button below to contribute what you can. If you'd like to discuss your donation - please email us at handmadehelp@gmail.com

You can drop any painting supplies you think will be helpful off at Mike's too. 63 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy - 9416 3724


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