Healesville Drop and Update!


Just popping in to let you know that we drove a car-load of Handmade Help things up to Healesville yesterday. We dropped them with our Salvation Army contact, Rosemary, who distributes them directly to those that need them.

It's really making a very big difference to people. They are very touched by the fact that people have taken the time to make things for them. A lot of people are very relieved to be able to knit or stitch or crochet again. So thank you, from Rosemary and from us too. And of course huge thanks to Suzie for the bright idea that Re-Stash is!

Thank you also to Bev and Elizabeth - driving around the countryside and distributing via the Salvos in Whittlesea.

You can read about the Rainbow Comfort Pack drop here - thanks to Nikki for the heads up on Monica's hard work, and all your generous donations.

We also received a card from our lovely lady in Whittlesea - remember we bought her lots of new art supplies a month or so ago? She sent us a photo of the softie frog sitting on her new pink and green crocheted bed-spread, and a lovely letter. Thanks to those that were able to donate!

We've nearly gathered enough supplies for the Home-Schooling family - still time to donate if you can!

We also passed on a HUGE basket of yarn, patterns, sewing supplies and knitting needles, plus a quilt to a lovely lady who's currently living in Greensborough. Her case worker contacted us and arranged for the pick up. We had some really high quality things we were able to give her, so thanks so much for that!

We have another lady about to receive a huge box of long-stitch and canvas work supplies too - again through a relief effort case worker.

And of course, Homemade, the Handmade Help recipe book is full steam ahead and now has a print sponsor - more about that here - a HUGE team of people are working on that. Be sure to thank them!

Lots of people have helped in lots of ways - (esp Christie who has helped to transport and store the things that wouldn't fit at Mike's!) If you have helped, you are awesome. Thank you. It's not over yet, however!

A couple of other ways to help this week ::
Restash an Artist - Donate Money or Art Supplies
Fresh Sheets - Donate New Warm Bed Sheets

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Anonymous said...

Hi Pip,
It is heartwarming to read that so much is still being done by so many kind individuals. I have left two messages on another forum here, but had no response, so perhaps nobody has seen it. I have 140 fabric craft postcards made by students aged between 11 and 13, from a school in England. They all have messages of sympathy and care on the back, written by the kids themselves, and they have been featured on their school website here:
I'd like to personally deliver these to some of the schools in the bushfire region, so I can provide feedback directly to the teacher that organised the students' effort.
Can you or somebody else help me?
Gina E. gandkwil@hotmail.com

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