Recipe Book Update


Hi everyone,

well we have had some very busy little beavers working away on the cook book. The main task being completed now is the collation of copyright and recipe donor information. A huge thank you goes out to Isla for her wonderful work in collating that information - trust me its enough to make your eyes square!

Editing work is continuing too thanks to Anna and Bev - again - a time consuming task, and one we very much appreciate them doing.

Other tasks on the horizon include formatting and putting it all together so it actually looks like a cook book!

Thanks again gals and we will let you know when there is more to report! Stay tuned :)


meet me at mikes said...

You guys have all done an AMAZING job!
You are truly awesome.

Anna said...

And a shout out to Gabrielle, who is also helping with the huge editing job - yay!

Gilly said...

Thanks Gabrielle!

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