Craft Relief


Craft Relief has been founded to help raise money to be donated to two of the main QLD Flood Appeals - The QLD Flood Appeal and the RSPCA QLD Flood Appeal. The floods have devastated so many Australians and animals and it seems to be getting worse before it gets better.

What I am asking from you all is a donation. But don't open your wallet. I am asking for your time and your skill. It would be great if you could donate a handmade item to the Craft Relief Online Store that has just been created to be sold with proceeds going to the two appeals mentioned earlier. You can donate anything, as long as its handmade. Softies, purses, bags, quilts, photos, drawings, prints and more are all welcome.

100% of the sale of each item will be donated (excluding the postage fee). Donations will be made as each item is sold.

It would be great if everyone could spread the word about this little project. Whether it be to potential crafters and artists or to potential buyers.


1. Please post your items to Craft Relief HQ which is located in Sydney. I will email you the address details if your interested.
2. Please include details of:

  • what the item is made of
  • the selling price
  • a short description
  • which charity you would prefer the money donated to
  • your name, email and link to your website (if you have one!)
3. Items will be photographed and posted on the site asap.
4. When your item sells, I will email you the great news!

If you would like to be involved, please email Therese at craftrelief@gmail.com. If you have any questions or queries, please email me about those too.

I will get the ball rolling shortly by posting an item or two. I hope you all have a bit of time to help out!



AMMENDMENT - Due to restrictions on Made It's seller trading terms I can't upload other peoples handmade items onto the shop. I have created a Big Cartel store which you can find here:



Magdalena, The Craft Revival said...

Great idea... I'll see what I have in my stock pile of handmade goodies.

ena and albert said...

Thanks Magdalena! It would be great if you did have something!

CMDcards said...

I will send you handmade greeting cards for all occasions. Happy to help.

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