Art Fights Fire - International Bushfire Support Fundraiser


image via Magic Jelly

Our mate Gemma is joining force with Outré Gallery for this HUGE and beautiful art fundraiser! These details are lifted from Gemma's blog...


Big shout outs to the amazing art and craft people who have donated so far:

Arthur's Circus (thank you Nat and Nick)
Gina Garan (of This is Blythe fame in NYC)
Magic Jelly (in South Australia)
Lab Partners (San Francisco)
Angelique Houtkamp (Amsterdam)
Shag (Los Angeles)
Audrey Kawasaki (big thanks to Outré Gallery for the generous donation)
Beci Orpin (Melbourne)

We will be selling raffle tickets and then doing a live draw at Outré in Melbourne on Wednesday 25 February 2009, 249 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Tickets will be available in advance from me, from the blog (watch this space for paypal purchase), at the first Brown Owls Meeting (24 February) and from Meet Me at Mikes. If you would like to sell tickets - please let me know: gemjones(at)alphalink.com.au

International people are welcome to buy tickets - but we are asking that if you win something, that you pay for postage (average AU$25).

I'm also looking for someone who might like to cater this event with simple finger food.

Thanks again - things are really grim in the fire affected zones - we all need to do whatever we can do. I can't literally fight a fire, but I know I can do this. THANKS x x x x x gemma



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