How To List On EBay - Take 2


We've all had a chat and we think that the EBay listings have been working really well.
Cindy points out that it's great that they are in Aussie dollars. Nan is currently liaising with eBay about what we are doing and the best way to go about listing correctly (hopefully by donors registering at the Red Cross site).

Until then, list your item on Etsy.

If you still choose to list your Handmade Help item on eBay - please list it as follows:

  • List the Description of your Item - Followed by 'Handmade Help'
eg- Huge Patchwork Quilt Made by Lucy - Handmade Help - http://www.handmadehelpsout.blogspot.com
  • Please do not mention the keywords - Red Cross, Donation or Bushfire Appeal. Ebay is checking every listing which uses these words and removing those that don't adhere to it's strict Fundraising Listings Policy. Our plan is to work with eBay to make sure that we DO adhere to their policy - but it may take a few precious days to get to that point - and we will soldier on until then.

We will allow one week to sort this out with eBay - and if we can't we will only be listing via Etsy after that. We totally understand why eBay has such policies - but we will just have to take our good work elsewhere if we can't reach a quick resolution.

On an equally important note - we will be taking direct donations of goods at our collection points for many more months. See the side bar for drop-off points. There are plenty of ways to help!

Thank you!


Hoppo Bumpo said...

That sounds perfect!

I have just finished an existing auction 2 days early, as it mentioned words like "bushfire" and "donation". I thought it was better to do this, than have eBay delist the item and lose the bids generated to date.

When I closed the auction I simply elected to sell to the highest bidder.

The next listing will be more carefully worded!!

Selina said...

Thanks for your efforts Cindy. I totally agree, ebay is the way to go, and hopefully this will work!


Stacey said...

My listing got pulled down by eBay. I'm going to relist it now with more carefully chosen words.

Kathryn said...

Mine TikiBoo dress is still there. Unfortunately I can't edit the description, hopefully they'll let me leave it there.

Megan: The Byron Life said...

It's a bit tricky isn't it? I too tried to revise my lisiting and couldn't! Ended up with 2 descriptions.... but still have all those problematic keywords - can't get them out...

I wonder if I should pull out now or just wait and see? if it gets pulled, i'll just re-list and let you guys know... and hopefully those that bid will foloww up with it?

Bek said...

Hey there, I listed something and copied and pasted the website listed above (handmadehelps.blogspot.com) in my ebay listing which is not our site here (handmadehelpsout.blogpot.com). Just thought I'd draw attention to this in case anyone else does what I did. Hope that makes sense!

This blog must be so much work- thanks everyone who has put so much work into it!

disa said...


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