Make A Poster! (Updated and Corrected!)


Are you an artist or graphic designer? Or do you just like drawing? Maybe your kids like drawing? Well... Can you make a poster for us? You CAN? Awesome!

Once you have made your poster, you can upload it to this Flickr page - make sure you have your settings adjusted so that we can all download it and print it! Then we'll stick it up all over the place! And more people will know about Handmade Help!

What to write on your poster? (Of course you should embellish to your heart's desire on this wording - as long as it is sensitively phrased)


Artists and Crafters Community Project

To Benefit The Red Cross, Wildlife Victoria and the affected communities

Make, Sell or Buy Something at www.handmadehelpsout.blogspot.com

Find Anna's Poster here!

Comment here if you make a poster!
Posters should be able to be printed nicely to A4 size - and will be available for ANYONE to download

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Edward Huse said...

Are you still looking for poster designs? if so, can you give the measurements in inches?

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