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You may or may not be aware that EBay are currently taking down some of our auctions as they do not comply with there "Charitable Listings Policy". To align with that policy every person that listed would have to get a letter from the Red Cross to allow you to represent them to minimise false representation. More paperwork, just what the Red Cross need.
The only option we can see is for all items to be listed on Etsy, who do not have the same policy but prices will need to be fixed. If you wish to set up a silent bidding auction on your blog, that too is your choice. You can also put it in you existing on-line shop if you have one.
Don't have a Etsy shop, fear not, you can come and borrow space at mine. I will need photos, listing details and a sale price in USD. Thanks so much for all your hard work, we will sort this out and get the money to those in need. If you currently have an EBay listing we will be taking the links down so you will need to let us know how you want to proceed.
Any other ideas - PLEASE let us know.


Lin said...

Silent auctions on each person's blog might work. And they could all be listed/linked here.

Selina said...

what if we just list the auction on ebay but not mention bushfire, just put in a link to this blog and you guys put it up on the blog as well?? might work.

Megan: The Byron Life said...

Hi, I didn't realise this had happened, my description (not the title) had red cross in it but is still there being bid on...
I think having it on ebay is still a good option. Maybe listing it on ebay as being for Handmade Help, raising funds to help the Victorian Bushfire Appeal and adding this blog address?

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