Item #59 Ma Petite Théière Necklaces - SOLD


A big round of applause for Anne-Julie of the magnifique blog Ma Petite Théière who is donating the full proceeds from the sale of 15 of her stunning necklaces to Wildlife Victoria.
In her own words:

"I will have a special shop update with 15 necklaces, especially created for the occasion. They will go on sale this Friday, February 13 at 10pm (Paris time -helpful clock in the left column of this blog or time converter here) in my Etsy shop. Unique price will be $40Entire benefits of these sales will be donated to Wildlife Victoria. This is my small contribution, but also yours. It is a good way to help, and the opportunity to get (or offer) a necklace from my collection! But of course, if you prefer to donate directly to the organization, you can do so at (about 31€), shipping included. For info, $1 US = $ 1.50 AUD (Australian dollars)."

Anne-Julie has written an important post about the impact of the fires on Victorian wildlife, here. Scroll down for the English translation. I am awestruck by the generosity shown by fellow crafters worldwide and especially you, Anne-Julie, big koala kisses are being blown your way.


Etsy: here
Price: $40


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