Handmade Help - Don't Want To Auction?


Perhaps you don't want to auction your crafty item? Perhaps you want it to be distributed to one of the affected families (or single people!), once the rebuilding process is underway/complete. That's okay too. In fact that is just GREAT! You can drop off your handmade donation to a number of (growing) collection points. See the list in the left hand column.

If you know of a business in your area that might serve as a collection point - ask them and let us know! We will do regular pick ups (in case they get inundated). We want to make it easy for people to give, so we need drop-off points in the Western, Eastern and Northern Suburbs too.

It will be quite a while before the donated items are distributed - as the timing is not appropriate at the moment - but that gives you more time to make, right?!

We'd encourage you to get together and make with friends, or get school and community groups going on this project. We want affected people to know that we were thinking of them and making plans to help them right from the get-go. So make LOTS of nice things, please!

And auction them! Or donate them! And tell us about it here! So we can let everyone know how you are helping (and how great you are!)

xx Pip

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