Is Etsy Listings ok


Of course, auction on your own blog, Etsy, whatever as long as all proceeds are going to charities involved in the Victorian Fire Devastation I would love to put them on here.

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Bec said...

Yay, I was wondering about that! Hey Cindy, I emailed you earlier about two bags that Jade and I had listed on Etsy with full proceeds going to Handmade Help appeal, but thought I should add now that one bag has sold already (boy that was quick!!!). The one that sold was the Eco Market Tote, but the Reversible Handbag is still up for sale :)
I have also posted all the info about this site to the BrisStyle team, as I know there are heaps of Brisbane crafters out there who are super keen to do what they can.
Cheers, Bec X

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